Friday, April 6, 2007

Just some old Book Title Pages I found

A few interesting Title Pages I found printed before 1800.

The Letters of Junius, Complete in One Volume. First American Edition. Philadelphia: Prichard & Hall, 1791.
From Larry Laster Books

The Gentleman's Calling by Richard Allestree (aka H.H. or Humphrey Henchman, Bishop of London). London: Printed for T. Garthwait, 1660. 6 1/8" tall.
From Larry Laster Books

Typographical Antiquities by Joseph Ames. London: W. Faden, 1749. 11 1/4" tall.
From Larry Laster Books

Observations on the Commerce of the American States by John Lord Sheffield. 6th Edition. London: J. Debrett. 1784.
From Larry Laster Books

Apparatus Biblicus. Tyrnaviae: Typis Collegii Academici Soc. Jesu., 1762
From Larry Laster Books

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