Saturday, March 20, 2010

Various Old and Ancient Books - Part 6

The Comedies of Terence 1765

Treasure of Traffick 1641

Institutions of Christian Religion by John Calvin 1536

Lady Elizabeth Carew
The Tragedie of Mariam, The Faire Queene of Jewry. 1613
Written by that learned, vertuous, and truly noble Ladie, E. C.
London: Printed by Thomas Creede, for Richard Hawkins,

Elizabeth Carew, viscountess of Falkland, wrote The Tragedie of Mariam not for public performance, but for reading or private presentation. It was printed in this first edition by Thomas Creede, who printed the second “Newly corrected” quarto edition of Romeo and Juliet in 1599 and other Shakespeare plays. This is the first published play by an Englishwoman.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Banned Books Exihibition

And now for something a little different....

This is a new Banned Books Exihibition that has been put online.

It comes from the University of Otago.

Otago is a province in the South Island of New Zealand.

This is the PDF Poster


Monday, March 8, 2010

Various Old and Ancient Books - Part 5

A Set of Fifty New and Correct Maps of England and Wales by Herman Moll, 1724
Herman Moll (c1654-1732) was a German emigre (though some references say Dutch) who came to London about in or before 1678 and worked as an engraver. He later set up his own firm and became, around 1700, the foremost map publisher in London. He often complained that other publishers copied his work.

An authentic 14th century church book of early music

Metamorphoses by Ovid
French edition published 1702
English edition published 1632 by John Lichfield at Oxford
Read Metamorphoses

The Metamorphoses by the Roman poet Ovid is a narrative poem in fifteen books that describes the creation and history of the world. Completed in 8 AD, it has remained one of the most popular works of mythology, being the Classical work best known to medieval writers and thus having a great deal of influence on medieval poetry.

Manual of Agriculture, Paris 1764

Leaf from a Manichaean Book
Manichaean priests, writing at their desks, with panel inscription in Uighur (Language)
Manuscript from Khocho, Tarim Basin, Western China
8th/9th century AD.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Various Old and Ancient Books - Part 4

Anglican Liturgie in French 1764

Leonardo Da Vinci's original notebook - he wrote in mirror writing.

Leo Africanus 1632

La Graunde Abridgement 1565

September 21, 2006
The oldest book in South Texas College of Law’s Fred Parks Library now dates back to the year 1565. The new acquisition is La Graunde Abridgement by Sir Anthony Fitzherbert.

The massive book, written in Latin, is a compilation of over 14,000 decisions that are the foundation for early English law. English law is grounded in common law, meaning that precedent guided judicial decisions, and this tome was the first thorough attempt made in the 1500's to create a summary of law providing attorneys with a resource for researching past rulings.

This edition of La Graunde Abridgement is from the second printing of the book in 1565. The first edition was printed in 1516. The author, Fitzherbert, was a Judge of Common Pleas in England.


Index to King James Bible 1615

King James New Testament 1611

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Various Old and Ancient books - Part 3

More old and ancient books from my Hard Drive.

Institutions of Christian Religion by John Calvin 1536
History and details of Institutions

Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) (65-8 BC)
Horace. Opera cum Commentariis. Commentary by Badius Jodocus Ascensius and Antonio Mancinelli (Paris: Badius Jodocus Ascensius, 1516).

Homer Virgil Treatise 1695
Le Bossu, R., A. Dacier, et al. (1695). Monsieur Bossu's Treatise of the epick poem : containing many curious reflexions, very useful and necessary for the right understanding and judging of the excellencies of Homer and Virgil. London, Printed for Tho(mas). Bonnet.

The Hawley Book of Hours 1450
South Netherlands Book of Hours
The Hawley Hours (Misc. Ms. 146)
A Fine Illuminated South Netherlands Book of Hours in the Dutch translation ascribed to Gerardus Groot (Gerdde Groot).

Book of Hours
What, when, where, who, why and how.

Gibril ibn Bakhtyshu 1061 CE

Jabril ibn Bakhtyshu - Grandson of Jirjis ibn Jibril, second half of eighth century; physician to Ja'far the Barmakide, then in 805-6 to Harun al-Rashid and later to al-Ma'mun; died in 828-29; buried in the monastery of St. Sergios in Madain (Ctesiphon). Christian (Nestorian) physician, who wrote various medical works and exerted much influence upon the progress of science in Baghdad. He was the most prominent member of the famous Bakhtyashu family. He took pains to obtain Greek medical manuscripts and patronized the translators.
History of Islamic Science

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