Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Most Expensive Book sold in 2006

The Most Expensive Book sold in 2006

William Shakespeare's First Folio of 1623 sold for $5.2 million US

I realise this is old news, but I want this in my blog - just for the record.

If Owen Gingerich can do a Copernicus Census, (see post below)
and someone else can do a Gutenberg Bible census,
then perhaps I can do a census as well.

Now which book shall I choose?
The First Folio or the Second?
Decisions, Decisisons.

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Inventiveme said...

I came across your blog regarding the Third Edition of John Guillims'
A Display of Heraldrie and was interested in your comments regarding this amazing book. I have the complete Fourth Edition that was "corrected and much enlarged by the Author himfelfe in his lifetime. Together with his own Addition of explaning the tearms of Hawking and Hunting, for the ufe and delight of Gentlemen." Printed in 1660.

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