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Thomas Paine advocated the removal of the Monarchy

The Gentlemans Calling


This version was printed in 1559

But a 1561 printing has the following details
Bernard Salomon OT images
Quadrins historiques
La Sainte Bible, A Lyon, Par Jean de Tournes. 1561
Not in Cartier

Fingal Epic by James MacPherson
Published in London 1762
The Ossian Poems were claimed by MacPherson to be stories from the 3rd century, but actually MacPherson wrote these epics himself.
1758 The Highlander
1762 Fingal: an Ancient Epic Poem in Six Books
1763 Temora, an Epic Poem, in Eight Books
The Ossian Poems Online

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Published in London in 1776

Published in 1776, Common Sense challenged the authority of the British government and the royal monarchy. The plain language that Paine used spoke to the common people of America and was the first work to openly ask for independence from Great Britain.

The Ladies Complete Letterwriter 1765

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cipriano said...

Ahhh, the Thomas Paine book is the one I want.
Just TRY and find Paine's "Common Sense" in ANY bookstore. You cannot do it. It is not stocked.
How awesome it would be to have THIS one, this ancient one here. WOW!
Common Sense is one of those books I always look for in a bookstore. I know I can order it, but I want to FIND it, fair and square one day. Rather than order it!
Great site here.
Interesting stuff.
-- Cip

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