Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Psymon Bindery

An Explanation of the Fashion and use of three and fifty Instruments of Chirurgery by Ambrosius Pareus
London Printed for Michael Sparke 1631

Source - Psymon Bindery. This is quite simply the most breathtaking website with an Antiquarian Books theme that I have ever seen.

Here is the Incunabula section. If you click on the Curiosities, you will see an entire page of Antiquarian Title pages such as those I find for this blog. The Chirurgery book shown at left can be found in this section. The Masterpieces and the Milestones sections are also packed full of interesting Title Pages.

I wish I could have designed a website as gorgeous as this one

Author: James A. Cooke of Warwick.
Title: Mellificium Chirurgiae; or, The marrow of Chirurgery, With the anatomy of human bodies according to the most modern anatomists, illustrated with many anatomical observations, Institutions of physick, with Hippocrates's aphorisms…(and so on).
Published - London: Joshua Phillips, 1700.

Source - The Marrow of Chirurgery - Before and After Restoration

The practice of Chirurgery is an early form of medicine, midwifery, dentistry and surgery, especially battle surgery. It was practiced primarily by men in Europe during the middle ages and in the new colonies of America. It may have been the reason for women being prosecuted as witches because they followed the old skills of midwifery and herbal folklore.

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