Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ben Jonson, Belisarius and Benjamin Franklin

M. T Cicero's

Cato Major or His Discourse of Old Age

With Explanatory notes

Printed and Sold by Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia 1744

Belisarius A Play

Published in Philadelphia 1770

Belisarius was Emperor Justinian's Roman Army General around 550 AD. He was married to Antonina, and she was close to Empress Theodora. All four are written about extensively in The Secret History by Procopius - of which there are several good modern translations available. Two publishers that I have read are Penguin and The Folio Society.

The Antidote

Thomas L'Escot

A French Medical book

Rationale Divinorum Officiorum 1568

The Alchemeist A Comedy
A Play by Ben Jonson
First Acted in 1610
This Copy Published in 1739

Please note this is a VERY LARGE file.

13th Century
Johannes de Sacrobosco

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