Monday, February 15, 2010

Various old and ancient books

These are some ancient books saved to the My Picture file that have not been posted yet.

The Defence of Trade 1615 by Dudley Digges
Sir Dudley Digges (Digges Court, Barham, Kent, 19 May c. 1583 – 18 March 1639), of Chilham Castle, Kent (which he completed in 1616), was a Member of Parliament, elected to the Parliament of 1614 [1] and that of 1621, and also a "Virginia adventurer," an investor who ventured his capital in the Virginia Company of London. Among the "planters," who emigrated in the 1640s, was Digges's son Edward, who became Governor of Virginia.

Dudley Digges published several political and economic works, The Worthiness of Warre and Warriors (1604), The Defence of Trade (1615), Rights and Privileges of the Subject (1642), and, posthumously, The Compleat Ambassador: or Two Treaties of the Intended Marriage of Qu. Elizabeth of Glorious Memory (1655), a notable study of the two French marriage embassies, of Anjou and of Alençon, which revealed in unprecedented fashion the official despatches and correspondence and is a landmark in English historiography.

Codex Aureus 8th Century Viking (Note - This is a LARGE FILE)

This is a mid-ninth-century inscription, on folio 11 of the Codex Aureus ('Golden Book'), a copy of the Latin Gospels now in Sweden, in the Royal Library at Stockholm (Stockholm, Kungliga Biblioteket, MS A. 135). It records the presentation of the book to the monastic community of Christ Church, Canterbury. The inscription runs along the top margin, and is continued at the foot of the page.

Johannes Capreolus
Jean Capréolus (also, Joannes or John Capreolus) (born c. 1380 in the diocese of Rodez, France; died in that city 6 April 1444) was a French Dominican theologian and Thomist. He is sometimes known as the Prince of the Thomists. His Four Books of Defenses of the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas sparked a revival in Thomism.

Only scanty details of his personal history are known. He was a Dominican affiliated to the province of Toulouse, and a general chapter of his order at Poitiers in 1407 assigned him to lecture on The Sentences in the University of Paris.

Bartholomaeus Anglicus (Bartholomew of England) (born before 1203–died 1272) was an early 13th-century scholastic scholar of Paris, a member of the Franciscan order. He was the author of On the Properties of Things (De proprietatibus rerum), dated at 1240, an early forerunner of the encyclopedia. Anglicus also held senior positions within the church and was appointed Bishop of Łuków although he wasn't consecrated to that position.

Angleterre Parliament 1748

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