Thursday, April 12, 2007

A DISPLAY OF HERALDRIE: by John Guillim (c1551 - 1621)

A DISPLAY OF HERALDRIE: by John Guillim (c1551 - 1621)
Being a complete transcription of the first edition (1610) of this work.

Twenty-five years ago [now 30 years ago] I found this amazing book in a second-hand book shop (long since vanished) in Canterbury, England, where I was studying to be a teacher. I was fascinated by its subject matter, its antiquity (a first edition copy from 1611) and by the hand-painted illustrations. Even in those days, £12 ($17) seemed like a bargain price, although it was certainly the most money I had ever spent on a book!
Early in 2001 I decided that I should do what I could to share this book with the rest of the World Wide Web community because someone somewhere might want to read it. What you see here is a snap-shot of work in progress. I am not a fast typist and will only be transcribing in my spare time, so do not expect to see rapid progress. However, I am determined to see it through to completion!

This is obviously an unfinished work. I don't know if the entire book will ever be completed.
The reasons I have linked to this book are -
1 - because it is an antique book (And one I have never heard of either)
2 - one can read the language of William Shakespearee & Queen Elizabeth I
3 - the gorgeous illustrations

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